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David Hammons Poser

In addition to traditional glove and rod puppets, we occasionally build “poser” puppets. Articulated mainly for photo shoots and specific shots usually, this poser was commissioned by artist Lucien Smith as part of an art installation¬†celebrating¬†artist David Hammons.

In addition to creating the poser puppet and custom clothing, we also worked closely with the client to design the puppet’s overall look to work with his unique vision.


Puppet Design Studio fabricated over 15 puppets for Episode 5.07 of FOX’s hit show “Glee.” The episode, aptly called “The Puppet Master,” centered around Blaine (Darren Criss) imagining all of his friends as puppets. Not only did we design, build and coordinate the puppeteers for the shoot. we consulted with “Glee’s” production staff to help make the puppet shoot run smoothly.